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Universal LCD Test Frame

General liquid crystal test rack, can test the millet HUAWEI vivo and many other models, a small board to test 1 models, one machine test multi model, simple and quick.
Product Details:

General liquid crystal test rack, can test the millet HUAWEI vivo and many other models, a small board to test 1 models, one machine test multi model, simple and quick.

China 's Guangdong Shenzhen City Cast New Technology Co., Ltd

JOSION is an innovative Science and Technology company which focuse on the screen repairing system ecological chain’s solution and services for smartphones and tablets.


JOSION pursuits for letting science and technology get close to entrepreneurs. We subverts the dilemma of high cost investments and high-tech constraints for repairing smartphones’screens. We deliver user-friendly solutions with low entry,low costs,high return and free training etc to lengthening the smartphone’s lifespan and getting phone’s professional maintenance closer to entrepreneurship. By gaining in-depth user insights and cutting-edge technology,we provide much better and user-friendly products,being the industry reformer and leader.


Ever since its foundation in 2009,JOSION keeps a growth rate which shocks the whole industry. JOSION Science and Technology has also become the model of innovative enterprise in Shenzhen City; JOSION will not be self-satisfied with the current achievements. The construction of ecological chain will uphold the open and non-exclusive strategy for cooperation, promoting the screen maintenance solutions ecological chain’s construction with industry partners.


JOSION future, building business with intelligence.

Agile JOSION-with intelligence upgrade, innovative and agile manufacturing.


2014 and Shenzhen Rand mobile phone repair training schools to become strategic partners

2016 in the national industry brand quality assessment, high visibility, strong competitiveness, the audit selected "China's mobile phone repair equipment industry leader brand"


Product introduction

M690 Universal Universal LCD Tester currently supports up to 200 brand LCD assembly test models, and the use of military grade PCB equipped with imported master chip, but also make the tester cold, heat, shock resistance, the test more accurate, the use of Longer life expectancy. In addition M690 complete set made of advanced aluminum alloy, so that the tester adds a sense of modern machinery at the same time is not heavy and calm, can be worthwhile. M690 include the mainstream market models, the use of the wide range of homes I who; 'quality' pressure of the military-level workmanship, strong workmanship and fear of any opponent; easy to operate, the test of high efficiency is dominate. M690 will give people a kind of machine in hand, I have the feeling of the world, excellent testing tools so that your work is always favorable and invincible.

Built-in multiple current and voltage protection, automatic short circuit series, not easy to burn the motherboard

Test comes with LCD screen, accurate display module current value

24-bit true color test screen, 60HZ scan frequency display

Equipment with ESD protection

Up to 200 brand models optional, the real one machine and more, test worry-free

Box host free warranty 3 months [including 2828 inner panel] lifetime warranty

product manual

M690 universal assembly test box model selection steps

Our universal universal assembly test box encoded as five Arabic numerals. Click [1] [2] "Signal Switch" button, the first digit of the digit code will appear cursor, click again will move forward one, so cycle. Customers can click the figure 1 [4] 'burn-in' button to reduce the current position of the cursor number [reduced to 0 will start from 9], you can also press Figure 1 [3] 'pause' button to increase The current cursor position number [increased to 9 will start from 0】

According to our company to provide 'General Assembly Model Table' Figure 2, select the required number after the press Figure 1 【5】 'switch' button to confirm the selected model 【U disk data entry to our internal motherboard, about 20 Seconds after the completion of programming will enter the selected model 【Do not have to shut down and restart】


1, if the test box selected to test the model will not show 'xxxxx-NONE'

2, Please select a good model, then press the button [1] [5] 'switch', after the data entry is finished, you can operate the dot screen.

Product Name: Universal test box

Product Size: 3.5 * 10 * 12.5cm


The following is the corner of the factory floor


The following is cast new and customers from all over the country to take pictures [a small part of the show]



【Tips】 We promise to guarantee a year, the warranty period of non-human quality problems, accessories we assume, lifetime warranty, warranty period, only parts and shipping by you, we do not charge any labor costs, you assured the warranty for one year, we There is no reason not to do the product well


1, the test box all the models on the form can be tested?

Yes, all models on the form can be tested.

2, the test mode of operation is plugged in and follow the instructions to it?

Yes, plug in the power according to instructions on the use of methods to operate.

3, this test box can test touch and assembly it?

Yes, assembly and touch can be tested.

4, if after another model update, then it can be sent back to upgrade it?


5, when the test board and cable how to connect?

Test time to take paired models of small board connection test cable for testing.

6, the test plate can be universal?

Test plate can not be universal Oh, a model of a small plate oh.


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