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14 Inch Laminating Machine

China 's Guangdong Shenzhen City Cast New Technology Co., Ltd JOSION is an innovative Science and Technology company which focuse on the screen repairing system ecological chain’s solution and services for smartphones and tablets. JOSION pursuits for letting science and technology get close...
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China 's Guangdong Shenzhen City Cast New Technology Co., Ltd

JOSION is an innovative Science and Technology company which focuse on the screen repairing system ecological chain’s solution and services for smartphones and tablets.


JOSION pursuits for letting science and technology get close to entrepreneurs. We subverts the dilemma of high cost investments and high-tech constraints for repairing smartphones’screens. We deliver user-friendly solutions with low entry,low costs,high return and free training etc to lengthening the smartphone’s lifespan and getting phone’s professional maintenance closer to entrepreneurship. By gaining in-depth user insights and cutting-edge technology,we provide much better and user-friendly products,being the industry reformer and leader.


Ever since its foundation in 2009,JOSION keeps a growth rate which shocks the whole industry. JOSION Science and Technology has also become the model of innovative enterprise in Shenzhen City; JOSION will not be self-satisfied with the current achievements. The construction of ecological chain will uphold the open and non-exclusive strategy for cooperation, promoting the screen maintenance solutions ecological chain’s construction with industry partners.


JOSION future, building business with intelligence.

Agile JOSION-with intelligence upgrade, innovative and agile manufacturing.


2014 and Shenzhen Rand mobile phone repair training schools to become strategic partners

2016 in the national industry brand quality assessment, high visibility, strong competitiveness, the audit selected "China's mobile phone repair equipment industry leader brand"


14-inch automatic vacuum laminating machine
Flat-panel LCD screen fit
Automatic bonding, does not hurt the screen to prevent pressure explosion, free turn cable, intelligent protection, low noise,
Bao Bao Bao will
Quality assurance worry-free sale
Easily solve the following problems
When the screen pressure screen bubble return bubble often large losses
Aftermarket machine instability can be short-lived
Can not bend curved screen, tablet
Small fit size Small pressure screen efficiency
Function and parameter integration
Parameter size
Name: 14-inch laminating machine
Power: 300W
Working voltage: 220v
Fitted size: 270 * 190
Product Size: 420 * 480 * 460

Application: suitable for flat cell phone fitting.
1. Operation panel parameter setting
Standard parameter setting (unit S)
Factory parameter setting
2.0 forward time falling mold 2.0
Vacuum Hold Time 15.0 Fit Time 10.0
Broken vacuum time 2.0 rise time 2.0
Product Count 1.0 Postponed waiting time 2.0

Note: (1) vacuum table parameters do not mess, otherwise it may cause the machine does not work. (2) When the fit product is one, use standard setting. When the number of products, more than one (recommended one at a time, not recommended more than 2), the pressure transferred to 4 pressure, the vacuum to maintain an appropriate extension of time.

2. How to operate
Preparation for the first boot operation: Check the trachea, power supply, vacuum pump is connected. The laminating machine is plugged in, the temperature control switch is turned on, the vacuum pump switch and the air compressor switch are turned on, the main switch of the laminating machine is turned on, the power indicator light is on, and the laminating machine enters the standby state.

(1) The screen to be processed on the silicone pad
(2) Press the left and right start button at the same time for more than 1s
(3) The tray directly into the fitting area, after 30S, automatically complete the entire fitting process
(4) to complete the fit, the tray automatically removed, remove the screen.


Common faults and solutions
Troubleshooting method
Can not turn on the air switch after pressing the power switch
Upper mold plate can not be pressed to check whether the trachea is falling off
Vacuum can not reach the lack of vacuum pump, trachea leaks
Press the start button after boot does not start Check whether the emergency stop switch is pressed
Vacuum pump does not run the vacuum pump is connected to the line, the switch is open

5, after-sales service guide
(1) machine warranty for one year, life-long maintenance.
(2) Maintenance service: repair or video connection guide repair.
(3) starting date of warranty: purchase date for a valid invoice.
(4) valid invoice is an important warranty and warranty service certificate. To protect your legitimate rights and interests, please be sure to ask the dealer when purchasing an invoice. Invoice should clearly explain the product brand, model and sales date, and the official seal with the dealer.


6, the following conditions do not belong to the free service range
(1) does not meet the Three Guarantees, can not produce proof of warranty or a valid invoice, or altered, or not satisfied with the product.
(2) If the mark of our company is damaged and can not be identified, the fragile label that is affixed is damaged or missing.
(3) damage due to unexpected factors or improper use, including operational errors, liquid into, scratches, LCD screen leakage, rupture, improper plug, foreign objects fall, rat bites and so on.
(4) the use of the environment does not meet the relevant state regulations.
(5) Failure or damage caused by installation, repair, alteration, addition or removal of non-cast new authorized agencies and personnel.
(6) Non-cast new original configuration of the components and software.


The following is the corner of the factory floor


The following is cast new and customers from all over the country to take pictures [a small part of the show]




【Tips】 We promise to guarantee a year, the warranty period of non-human quality problems, accessories we assume, lifetime warranty, warranty period, only parts and shipping by you, we do not charge any labor costs, you assured the warranty for one year, we There is no reason not to do the product well


1, laminating machine can be directly inserted into the power?
Yes plug in the power can be used directly.
2, the machine can be pressed directly after the screen bought it? Do you need other equipment?
Stand-alone, but also need separation machines, vacuum pumps, in addition to foam machine, air compressor, pressure screen Oh.
3, the machine can fit how many inches screen?
10 ~ 12 inches below
4, the machine also set the parameters after boot it?
No oh, you can use the power plug directly Oh
5, the machine's start button is pressed on both sides at the same time start it?
Yes, press on both sides at the same time.

Address: Futian building West 810,Shennan Road, Futian,Shenzhen,China
The national service telephone: 400-999-4096
Telephone: 0755-33094096
Mobile: + 86 18603021340/18927400396
E-mail: alex@josion.cn
Website: www.josion.com.cn



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