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Surface Screen Freezing Separation Equipment

Low temperature freezing separator, -160 degree fast dismantling the curved screen, simple, convenient and fast, safe without liquid nitrogen, directly plug electricity can be used. When the temperature is reduced to that degree before starting, you can use the dismantling screen in about half an hour.
Product Details:

Low temperature freezing separator, -160 degree fast dismantling the curved screen, simple, convenient and fast, safe without liquid nitrogen, directly plug electricity can be used. When the temperature is reduced to that degree before starting, you can use the dismantling screen in about half an hour.

China 's Guangdong Shenzhen City Cast New Technology Co., Ltd

JOSION is an innovative Science and Technology company which focuse on the screen repairing system ecological chain’s solution and services for smartphones and tablets.


JOSION pursuits for letting science and technology get close to entrepreneurs. We subverts the dilemma of high cost investments and high-tech constraints for repairing smartphones’screens. We deliver user-friendly solutions with low entry,low costs,high return and free training etc to lengthening the smartphone’s lifespan and getting phone’s professional maintenance closer to entrepreneurship. By gaining in-depth user insights and cutting-edge technology,we provide much better and user-friendly products,being the industry reformer and leader.


Ever since its foundation in 2009,JOSION keeps a growth rate which shocks the whole industry. JOSION Science and Technology has also become the model of innovative enterprise in Shenzhen City; JOSION will not be self-satisfied with the current achievements. The construction of ecological chain will uphold the open and non-exclusive strategy for cooperation, promoting the screen maintenance solutions ecological chain’s construction with industry partners.


JOSION future, building business with intelligence.

Agile JOSION-with intelligence upgrade, innovative and agile manufacturing.


2014 and Shenzhen Rand mobile phone repair training schools to become strategic partners

2016 in the national industry brand quality assessment, high visibility, strong competitiveness, the audit selected "China's mobile phone repair equipment industry leader brand"


Are you watching?

Are you still worried?

No amount is not worth buying?

Worried about buying will not use?

Is this a mistake?

Now song is more and more widely applied to a variety of mobile phone screen will be no longer a screen of rare class is bound to be more and more brands are widely used! The amount is no longer a problem!

The question is whether you want to be the first person to eat crab?

Here we take detours to go further, in order to better serve our friends video tutorials, all kinds of professional tutorials.

-160 degrees straight screen song screen is not split off easily split screen


Frozen split screen machine

Make the split screen easier and some more efficient

Working area of frozen 240 * 340mm

Do not pick the screen! Straight screen / song screen / tablet separated

Frozen separator - not pick the screen easy to work efficiently split screen


Quaping phone no problem

Straight screen phone no problem

Ipad mini no problem


Material enough, the price is so low?

Factory direct sales, refused to brokers, is so self-willed! Discount price directly to you!

Production plants refuse to brokers direct sales outlets

Served on the hands of the customer courier delivery home delivery door delivery

Technical Parameters

Product Name: Freezing separator

Product Power: AC220V / 110V

The scope of application: All mobile phones in the market 【straight screen, curved screen】 and small tablet

Separation area size: 240 * 340mm

Product Size: 115 KG


Simple and simple panel, setting the value more convenient

Put aside tedious keys, so a key to complete

HD LED digital display

Temperature value rising button


Temperature drop button

Enter the adjustment settings button

With lock handle double protection

Locked door handle prevents mistakes during cool down operation Open the cover

Work cooling area

To ensure long-term safety of the machine work

Wang box pulley

Very easy to fix and move

Product analysis

Locked door handle

Thicker ring

Working frozen area



Work cooling area

Universal pulley

Use the operating posture:

After placing the screen, wait for about 1 minute

To be safe, lock the lid better

After one minute, open the cover to separate the screen

Frozen glue after condensation, easy to disassemble, more efficient


1, Do not disassemble the screen when the Wendy machine is not down to -160 degrees Celsius.

2, into the work of freezing time should not be too long, it is recommended to place the screen down, to avoid damage to the screen backlight water.

Into the work area, or discrete attention to bring cotton gloves, so as not to frostbite

The following is the corner of the factory floor


The following is cast new and customers from all over the country to take pictures [a small part of the show]




【Tips】We promise to guarantee a year, the warranty period of non-human quality problems, accessories we assume, lifetime warranty, warranty period, only parts and shipping by you, we do not charge any labor costs, you assured the warranty for one year, we There is no reason not to do the product well


1, during working hours will not damage the backlight?

Pro, in the split screen, the screen down. Do not face the back of the backlight will not damage the backlight Oh, there are demolition do not freeze too long.

2, How long can this boot?

Boot half an hour can be used

3, this power it?

One hour 1 oh oh

4, the boot space around the provisions of it?

Yes, the surrounding area needs a little open space

Is this machine sound?


6, for the surrounding temperature requirements?

Yes, it should not be placed too hot place.

7, the separation of the size of this machine is much?

240 * 340mm


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