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6 advantages of precision vacuum OCA laminating machine
Dec 15, 2017

In the process of manufacturing or LCD touch panel products, often must be two plates by adhesive bonding together, and because the product is fit for fine precision is higher; but the more general laminating machine design of a single station, just for the plate glue, turning and pressing fit other procedures, it can reach the fitting precision is not high, it will fit the poor quality of the cause, and the joint program must be waiting, otherwise the problem of poor efficiency. With the development of touch technology and the reduction of cost, the touch screen brings convenience to people. Only with superior performance and convenient operation can we meet the development direction of large and medium size touch panel production and so on. And the precision vacuum OCA bonding machine is the most important equipment in the rear of the touch screen production process.

The traditional laminating machine is composed of roller and pressure head composed of joint, the shortcomings of traditional laminating machines:

1. soft to soft or soft pair of soft or soft to small size screen.

2. to the hard hard of small size fit the hard, if the vacuum is not enough, it will produce bubbles.

The advantages of vacuum OCA bonding:

1. to meet the demand of production;

2. improve the fitting precision;

3. reduce the dust produced by the body of the machine and improve the yield.

4. large, medium and small size products can be used to reduce the cost of one machine.

5. reduce the production of bubbles.

6. can be combined with multiple small size products at the same time to improve production efficiency