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Analysis of the problem of using a vacuum laminator to fit large bubbles
Nov 06, 2018

With the development of the vacuum laminating machine, it has brought great convenience to the explosion-screen repair industry. The OCA vacuum laminating machine overcomes the bubbles, wrinkles, halos, water ripples, etc. generated by artificial bonding, and improves the labor. At the same time of labor intensity, it also gets rid of excessive dependence on personnel proficiency, making the screen repair easier and more efficient. This is a very troublesome thing for the screen repairer who doesn't understand the machine. When the machine is faulty, it will make it difficult for the screen repairer to find the fault. Here is the vacuum fit. Common faults of the machine:

  1. The speed of the vacuum cylinder of the laminating machine is too slow or too fast.

  Troubleshoot the problem: Check if the corresponding flow valve of the vacuum cylinder is adjusted to the proper position. There are two regulating valves on the back of the laminator that can adjust the operating speed of the vacuum cylinder.

  2, the laminating machine vacuum cylinder does not fall

  To troubleshoot the problem: Check if the sensor's interface position is intact and manually check if the cylinder drop is normal. There is also checking if the vacuum pump is working properly.

  3, the vacuum of the laminating machine vacuum table can not be pumped

  Trouble-shooting method: Check whether the sealing cylinder of the laminating machine is sealed when it is in operation, and whether the vacuum pump used by the laminating machine is in normal use. Whether the area is in the plateau.

  4, the laminating machine heating system is not working

  How to troubleshoot: Check if the temperature control is working properly.

  5, the vacuum pump of the laminating machine has been working

  Trouble-shooting method: The power line of the vacuum pump is not inserted in the back of the laminating machine but directly inserted into the row plug to check whether the relay of the laminating machine is normal, and check whether the vacuum pump is refueling.

  The reminder here is that the operation of the vacuum laminating machine depends on the skill level of the operator, the correct operation and daily maintenance can make the machine more efficient.