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Automatic degumming machine operation process
Oct 09, 2018

To repair the mobile phone screen, it is a necessary step to remove the OCA glue. The automatic de-gluing machine is easy to operate, and the glue removal is fast and does not hurt the screen. It can achieve the best results and become the first choice of the factory and the owner with its unique advantages.Let me introduce the operation process.



Fix the LCD screen, put the LCD screen into the mold of the corresponding model, and position the LCD screen and the mold by hand;


Start the machine equipment. After the LCD screen is placed, click the button in the LCD touch. Key;


Take out the LCD screen, press the start button, the machine will automatically pop up after the glue is removed, you just have to wait quietly during the entire glue removal process;


Remove the mobile phone screen from the liquid crystal model of the automatic de-gluing machine, and clean the gray dust on the LCD screen with a clean cloth and a precision electronic cleaner.