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The trend and development trend of cryoseparation machine
Sep 28, 2018

 I listed the following:

1. Don't add the liquid nitrogen, plug in a suitable compressor running the indoor temperature of 25 ℃ or less can be easy to use, and the low temperature of the volume of a split screen machine is very small, random, even if you store or file locations little also not afraid!

2. The price is quite advantageous. This low-temperature splitter has a temperature of -130--155 degrees Celsius, and the price is also quite reasonable.

3. This low-temperature screen remover is only 1000W in power, with low noise and no power consumption, and it can satisfy most of the series of mobile phone models to disassemble the screen. This is according to the state of the screen and glue to determine!

4. The working area is suitable, the voltage of 220V50HZ can also be customized to 110v low-temperature screen dismantling machine, which can be supplied and sold to foreign customers. All the machines are made of wooden boxes and go through the professional logistics line to ensure that the machine is not damaged during the transportation!

After finished the advantages we have to give us the old customers science about the use of low-temperature split screen machine matters needing attention, can prolong the service life of the compressor, refrigeration before tear down separation in bracket with box and so on, pay attention to the moisture control backlit model, keep the temperature of the working area, for the first time, must put the water on the cold plate put on the skin is clean before starting, boot after running to the set temperature to the cold plate placed above things. The air outlet at the back of the thermostat is 80cm away from the wall to ensure sufficient heat dissipation of the machine. In case of alarm or automatic shutdown, the machine must be shut down to improve the service environment and clean the machine's radiator regularly.