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How to clean the vacuum laminating machine?
Oct 13, 2018

Everyone knows that vacuum laminating machine is one of the necessary equipment for mobile phone screen repair, and its daily cleaning is also very important. Because if the cleaning of the vacuum laminating machine is not in place, it may cause dust or particles to enter during the lamination process, resulting in bubble problems in the bonding. Therefore, in the daily use process, it is necessary to do its cleaning work. So what should we do? Let JOSION tell everyone about it today.



Here are some tips for cleaning the vacuum laminator:

Conveyor belt

The conveyor should be cleaned with a decontaminating cleaner before or after each use of the vacuum laminator to ensure cleanliness of the belt and extend the life of the belt.

Nozzle head gear

In daily use, always clean the pinion on the nozzle head, then apply a proper amount of red oil to the pinion and turn the nozzle head to maintain the lubrication of the pinion.


It is relatively easy to clean the vacuum laminator feeder. It is only necessary to clean the residual glue and dust on the feeder cover and the reel with the dust-free paper 蘸 solvent.

Transport track

When cleaning the conveyor track, the track rail of the vacuum laminator should be inspected first to check if the belt is damaged or loose, and if there is any foreign matter on the rail. After the inspection is completed, use the dust-free paper to clean the track.