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The increase in shipments of smartphones has driven the development of enterprises with mobile phone touch screens as the main business.
Oct 29, 2018

The rise in smartphone shipments has driven the development of companies focused on mobile touch screens

Thanks to the continuous progress in semiconductor, touch, fingerprint identification and camera technologies, smart phones have gradually become a necessity in People's Daily life and have basically completed the replacement of functional machines. From January to September 2017, China's smartphone shipments accounted for 95% of the overall domestic mobile phone market, and smart phones entered the era of stock game.

According to the data, the top five smartphone manufacturers in China for 17Q3 are huawei, OPPO, vivo, xiaomi and apple. According to the sales distribution of the models of their brands, iPhone and OPPO are more focused on flagship models, with a higher proportion of top5 models, while huawei has more product models and has corresponding level of product models for all kinds of users. The P10 and Mate 9 are relatively small.

Manufacturers such as zte and huawei, who have mastered mature technologies, have broken out in the field of smart phones by focusing on low-end products and relying on operators such as mobile and unicom. Following closely behind, lenovo, changhong, konka and other domestic brands are gradually recovering. OPPO, jin li and other cutting-edge domestic mobile phone brands that focus on multimedia features are also gradually shifting to smartphones. The increase in smartphone shipments has driven the development of mobile phone companies. At present, the touch screen manufacturers such as aficang, yushun electronics, laibao hi-tech, ultrasonic electronics and changxin technology are full in capacity, holding large orders from giants such as zte, huawei, samsung and LG.

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