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How much do you know about the operation process of the separator of the vacuum laminating machine?
Jan 07, 2019

Explosion phone screen this is the market for mobile phone maintenance industry one of the major programs, the people who do not understand the industry may still don't know much about, cell phone repair to complete this project requires several steps, first is to put the broken LCD screen separation, we here is generally used in equipment LCD screen separator. Then introduce the whole operation flow in detail for everybody!


Install the preparation separator equipment

Our first step is to set up the installation of this centrifuge equipment, here is the use of small manual centrifuge equipment. The separator can separate within 10.5 -inch LCD screen, we will first separator and the vacuum pump is installed, and then set the temperature of the separator to about 80 ℃, waiting for the temperature rises to the set temperature.

Dismantle scaffolds

When we temperature rises to the set temperature of centrifuge can begin to work, first of all, we got the Iphone LCD screen placed on separation machine heating two minutes, this time don't have to start the separator, because normally the Iphone LCD screen will have support, we all need to put in front of the separation of stents to pull down, give support to pull down by hand directly after heating.

Into the wire

After the support is removed, it is necessary to use steel wire to separate the LCD screen. We will remove the cover of the LCD screen of the support and stick it to the separator line towards ourselves, open the switch of the vacuum pump, and wait for more than ten seconds. Then, the wire will enter the line from the corner of the finger below, and the wire will be attached to the cover glass.

Separate cover

In the separation of the left and right hand control steel wire with the cover plate separation, steel wire do not put too loose, do not pull too tight, too loose will be difficult to separate, too tight and easy to break the wire. Special care should be taken when separating from the wiring, because the wiring is relatively fragile, which may easily lead to various problems of the LCD screen or break the wiring. Pull the wire out from one corner before detaching to the other corner.

Take screen

When we separate the LCD screen with the cover plate down is to take the main LCD screen off, before I can take the cover plate and the LCD screen has been completely separated, then cannot lift the LCD panel upward, directly take out to rotate the LCD screen, so don't make a LCD screen layer, or directly pick up words is easy to result in the LCD backlight layered.

Complete separation

Directly pick up the LCD screen after the separator can be turned off, if it is a novice operation can be separated from the LCD screen after the test board to check whether the LCD is intact.