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Demystifying the screen bonding technology of OCA vacuum laminating machine
Nov 13, 2018

With the emergence of a variety of touch screen electronic products, the rapid development of mobile smart touch screens, more and more businesses began to seize these business opportunities: mobile phone screen repair industry, the mobile phone screen is getting bigger today, the explosion The probability of the screen is getting bigger and bigger. At this time, it is too expensive to buy a mobile phone. It is the best choice now to change the screen. The most important thing in the whole repair process is the fitting process. To use OCA vacuum laminating machine, OCA vacuum laminating machine is a high-end equipment in the automatic series equipment. The fully automatic alignment design virtually eliminates the bubbles generated during the bonding. The anti-gravity vacuum unit prevents the film. In the lamination process, functional defects such as stretching and indentation appear. The vacuum laminating machine is widely used in the bonding process of capacitive touch screen CG and ITO. Many people do not know much about the screen bonding technology of OCA laminating machine. Under the following, the professionals of Yitaoshun Technology will reveal the screen fitting technology of OCA vacuum laminating machine for everyone:

Many mobile phones nowadays use the full-fit screen technology like the iPhone series, Samsung S series, and Xiaomi mobile phone. The full fit is to glue the panel and the touch screen completely in a seamless manner. Compared with the frame sticker, it can provide a better display effect. Compared with the frame sticker, the image reflected from the screen can be clearly seen. This is the current high-end smartphone and tablet panel. The mainstream of the fit.

1. Simplify assembly

The assembly of the full-fit module and the whole machine can be directly fixed by means of snapping or locking screws, thereby reducing the assembly problem caused by the fitting deviation, and simplifying the assembly process and reducing the assembly cost. The full-fit module does not need to consider anti-dust and water vapor, so the CTP LENS frame does not need to consider the fit width, and can achieve a narrower frame. At the same time, because it does not need to consider the double-sided adhesive strength, it also contributes to the narrow frame design, and the frame can be made narrower.

2, the screen is isolated from dust and water vapor

The air layer of the ordinary fitting method is easily polluted by the environment dust and water vapor, which affects the use of the machine; the fully-fitted OCA glue fills the gap, the display panel is closely fitted with the touch screen, the dust and the water vapor have nowhere to go, and the screen is maintained. Cleanliness.

3, make the body thinner

The full-fit screen has a thinner body. The touch screen and the display screen are glued with optical glue, which only increases the thickness of 25μm-50μm; it is thinner than the normal fitting method by 0.1mm-0.7mm. The thinner module thickness is the whole structure. The design provides greater flexibility, and the thinner body improves product quality and demonstrates technical content.

Although there are many mobile phone repair industries in the industry, if you want to develop in this industry for a long time, you should choose a good OCA vacuum laminating machine and lamination technology. Shenzhen JOSION Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in OCA vacuum laminating machine, touch screen. We will not only sell oca vacuum laminating machine, but also sell your hand to teach you how to operate, so that you can buy the product and technology. Our oca laminating machine is developed for the bonding process of various touch panels and optical components such as Touch and Lens. It basically eliminates the bubbles generated during the bonding, and the anti-gravity vacuum unit prevents the film from being pulled in the bonding process. Stretching and other defects.