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Die cutting OCA optical glue bubble solution
Oct 29, 2018

Bubbles are a common problem when die-cutting OCA optical glue. We can use different OCA optical gel bubble defoaming methods according to the bubbles in different places.


The first thing to know clearly is where the bubbles are generated between the OCA optical glue and the heavy release film. Is it between the light release film and the OCA optical glue? If it is the first case, it must be defoamed by a high pressure defoaming machine; if it is the second case, it can also be defoamed using a defoaming machine, but if it is lightly selected If the release film is suitable for a release force, it can be left for a week or so. This bubble can disappear on its own (this is of course related to OCA optical glue). The problem of poor release film of OCA optical glue is a very commercial problem.

OCA optical adhesive

Because the thickness of the PET release film on the OCA product is 50u, it is more common to use the release film and the OCA optical glue. This problem of the heavy release film is not solved. The OCA optical glue is also destined to be a failure. Other human and material resources Financial resources are also in vain.

 You have to go to the test - pull the glue experiment. OCA optical adhesive heavy release film is bad, you have to experiment with PET material. If the main material of OCA is unchanged, other sub-materials are your decision.

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