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What glue does the OCA laminator use?
Oct 24, 2018

The friend who repairs the screen of the mobile phone knows that the oca laminating machine occupies a very important position in the maintenance. It determines the quality of the screen repair of the mobile phone. At the same time, a glue is needed when using the oca laminating machine, and the glue used will directly affect When the screen of the mobile phone is attached, what is the glue used by the oca laminating machine? Below, JOSION will give you a brief explanation based on years of experience.

OCA optical glue is divided into two categories, one is capacitive, the other is resistive, the capacitive optical adhesive is divided into 100um, 175um, 200um, and the resistive optical adhesive can be divided into 50um according to thickness. And 25um.

OCA is a layer of special double-sided adhesive with optical transparency, which is the best adhesive for touch screen. The advantages are clearness, high light transmission (all-light transmittance >99%), high adhesion, high weather resistance, water resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, controlled thickness, uniform spacing, long-term use It will cause yellowing (yellowing), peeling and deterioration.

OCA is a special adhesive for bonding transparent optical components such as lenses. It is required to have colorless transparency, light transmittance of over 90%, good cementation strength, curing at room temperature or medium temperature, and low curing shrinkage. However, some treatment agents are usually added during formulation to improve their optical properties or to reduce cure shrinkage.

In summary, we can analyze that mobile phone repair manufacturers use oca laminating machine to fit the touch screen. It is best to use oca optical glue, which not only has good light transmission, but also has different thicknesses to choose from.