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Do you really want to buy a laser splitter that suits you?
Nov 16, 2018

Recently, a product called "laser marking machine" suddenly became a net red, and it was on fire overnight. As a result, the merchants and manufacturers selling and producing laser screen splitters are everywhere. Xiaobian knows that there are dozens and twentys. Before the screen repair equipment was sold, the laser screen splitter was also launched. It seems that if you don’t sell one or two laser screen splitters, you can’t keep up with the trend of the times. In fact, people in the industry know that the so-called laser screen splitter is actually nothing new, also called laser marking machine. Just make some appropriate changes on the basis of the laser marking machine, making it more convenient to use the screen bracket. The technology is very mature, there is no big innovation. Then, do you have to start the laser screen splitter immediately, and how can a cheaper machine have more than 10,000. Even if you have enough budget to buy, how can you choose a machine that suits you? Xiaobian based on his experience in mobile phone screen repair for many years, give you some comments and suggestions for your reference.

   Desktop laser screen splitter




        First of all, if you buy a machine that is used to remove the frame and bracket in the screen, you must purchase a fiber laser splitter with a power of 20 watts. If the power is too large, the price is more expensive. If the power is too small, it will not start. The effect of removing the screen. Secondly, the laser splitter with the right size is available. The laser split screen is currently divided into desktop and portable. In fact, the difference between the two machines is the difference in size. The function is almost the same. The desktop can be equipped with a computer host and display. Screen, portable to be equipped with a computer host, display. The following figures are desktop and portable. The last and most important point is the drawing of the phone screen. After all, we are not professional cartographers. Each mobile phone screen requires different drawings. This requires laser screen makers or manufacturers to provide drawings for a long time. Here, Xiaobian recommends selecting manufacturers of mobile screen repair equipment because they originally As far as this industry is concerned, it is generally possible to meet the needs of drawings.

  Portable laser screen splitter



        The above suggestions hope to help everyone, but also hope that everyone can buy a machine that suits you, and make money in this wave of mobile phone screen repair.