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Electric control system for deaerator
Oct 29, 2018

Electrical control system,The operation of this machine is automatic or manual, involving complex processes such as motor, cylinder, heating and pressurization. The whole machine adopts touch screen and PLC as the main control components, and the other various control components such as temperature control table and pressure controller, The operation of thermocouples, contactors, photoelectric switches, solenoid valves, etc. are controlled by the PLC and controlled in the order of the process requirements.


The equipment adopts PLC to control the sequence of operations, and the operation modes such as temperature, air pressure and operation time are controlled by intelligent programs. Compact structure, small footprint, reliable interlocking protection device, multiple fortification, ensuring fast charging and discharging, switch door, whole equipment with reasonable structure, high degree of automation, reliable operation, convenient operation and high productivity.

Performance characteristics

◆Protection against over-temperature, over-current and other protections

◆ Adopt natural cooling method

◆Two methods of operation (hand / automatic selection)

◆Temperature/pressure synchronization, first heating, pressure, first pressure and then heating

◆According to the process requirements, adjust the dwell time (0~60 minutes), and open the door cycle (0~10 seconds);

◆Configure high precision air filter

◆PLC, HMI control system, various parameter curves display, easy to operate

◆ Pressure, temperature, mechanical and electrical double protection structure

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