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Freezing separator to disassemble Samsung S6 curved screen tutorial
Oct 27, 2018

This time, we mainly explained the screen of the Samsung S6 screen after the freezing separator was disassembled, because many of our friends told us that the disassembly may cause problems such as invisible touch or abnormal display on the screen.


The first step :

we need to do is to take the S6 screen out of the middle frame. We first soak it with white oil for about two or three minutes, then pick it up and start disassembling. We insert the card from the gap in the battery position. Divide, but pay attention to the strength and the inside of the cable, do not use excessive force.

The second step:

Next, we will put the screen into the freezer to cool down for thirty or forty seconds, then tear off the back of the screen.

third step:

Because the Samsung screen is curved, it is very difficult to split up, and it can't guarantee the good rate. The split surface cover is mainly divided into two ways, one is thermal separation, that is, the line is divided. The rate is very low, the separation is not good, the screen is scrapped, the touch is out of order, and the other is cold separation, which is to use the freezer to freeze the glue in the cover, and then split the card.

the fourth step:

Cleaning is a very laborious task, but this is the practice of making perfect, cooked, naturally it will be fast, the same use of cleaning with glue, and then clean with white oil cleaner!

the fifth step:

After cleaning, we will attach the OCA optical glue on the liquid crystal. Make sure that there is no air bubble after the bonding and do not deviate from the LCD screen. This will be perfect when we press it. And there will be no rework in the later period.

The sixth step:

After the OCA optical glue is attached, we carry out the alignment, which is to ensure that the position of the cover is exactly the same as the position of the liquid crystal! It is best to put the screen into the pressure screen device for pressing!

The seventh step:

When we use the pressure screen, there will be some bubbles on the LCD screen. Since the cover glass sold on the market is not 100% balanced, it may be simple to cause the bubbles to appear due to a little ink on the cover glass. However, it doesn't matter if bubbles are present. We can easily remove these bubbles with professional defoaming equipment. We can directly put all the assemblies (the screen with the LCD screen and the cover together) into the defoamer for defoaming. After a few minutes, we can eliminate all the bubbles and reach the perfect assembly.