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High-pressure defoamer maintenance methods
Dec 15, 2017

The high pressure defroster is mainly used to eliminate the bubbles produced by the process of laminating and the elimination of bubbles on the screen of mobile phones. It has the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency and good effect, and is widely applied. In the process of using the high pressure defoaming machine, it is necessary to maintain a good working efficiency for its maintenance.

1. Check whether the set values of the high pressure defoaming machine are in accordance with the instructions

High pressure defoaming machine used for a period of time, need to check the setting temperature regulator value (SV value, PV value) is correct, if the PV value is confusion, namely the use of device is under normal condition, there would be a high temperature, high pressure, so the need according to the instructions set.

2, check whether the injury doormat

High pressure defoaming machine doormat if there are damage phenomenon, pressure will leak from the door, you can hear the sound of air leakage, the need for timely replacement.

3, check with the fan drive belt is broken

High pressure defoaming machine is used if the motor belt drive fan, need to regularly check the fan belt for transmission is broken. If the belt broke, even if the motor does not rotate, fan, need to replace the new belt.

4. Confirm that the display of the pressure gauge indicates 0MPa when no pressure is pressed

If the display touch range high, cannot be correctly expressed in cylinder pressure, the pressure is not set standard deaeration process, the defoaming effect is not good.

5, clean the equipment regularly

The body, electrical components and other components of the high pressure defoaming machine need to be cleaned regularly to ensure clean, no sundries and dust accumulation.

The maintenance method of the high pressure defoaming machine is introduced here today. Proper maintenance of high-pressure defoaming machine can not only keep the equipment in good working condition, but also extend the service life, reduce the occurrence of failures and reduce the maintenance cost.

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