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How does the laminating machine work?
Oct 13, 2018

The laminating machine includes various mechanical parts such as a unwinding device, a gluing device, a conveying press device, and a driving motor. The automatic laminating machine is mainly designed for the production characteristics of small displays and small touch components, and is one of the necessary equipment for the production of liquid crystal displays. Today,JOSION will tell you about the working principle of the laminating machine in the future.



Here are some tips about the work of the laminator:

First, the hot pressing unit

The size of the hot press wheel, the height of the surface temperature, and the length of the pressurization time will be related to the volatilization efficiency of the residual solvent, the degree of activation of the glue, and the effect of the bonding effect.

Second, the cooling unit

The laminated product is cooled by the cooling wheel before being curled, which can promote the crystallization of the glue and improve the initial adhesion force, so as to avoid the displacement of the bonding material during the winding.

Third, the coating unit

According to different machine design, the method of applying the glue is roller coating and blade coating. The glue coated surface also has different on the top, bottom or the top of the cloth. Different sizing methods make the glue penetrate on the substrate differently from the film forming. Of course, the effect on the next is different. The presence or absence of the lines on the coating wheel and the pattern of the lines also affect the difficulty of the glue and the form of the glue coating. The special grain coating wheel is matched with the corresponding glue, and even the high-performance finished product can be combined, such as breathable and super soft hand.

Fourth, drying unit

The presence or absence of the oven and the way it is dry (hot air circulation or infrared assist) are also designed differently depending on the model selected and the roller or blade coating. The volatilization rate of the glue solvent is closely related to the drying conditions of the machine, so how to adjust to the proper temperature required for the material is essential for good adhesion when applied.