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How much is a laminating machine? JOSION supplies the most cost-effective laminating machine
Oct 13, 2018

Nowadays, more and more businesses in mobile phone repair shops are screens on mobile phone touch screens, and the price per charge is not cheap. Why?

Mobile phone explosion screen maintenance must use some equipment, of which vacuum laminating machine is the most important, it is a fully automatic laminating machine, mainly designed for small display and small touch components such as mobile phone touch screen, etc. Important equipment for display and mobile touch screen production and maintenance.


So how much is a laminating machine? There are thousands to tens of thousands in the general market, depending on the type, brand, quality, etc.

 First, technology, accessories, technical support affect the price

Technology, accessories, technical support, etc. greatly determine the price of the laminating machine, including R & D design team, material accessories, labor costs, etc., JOSION independently develops laminating machine equipment, high technical content, using imported materials and accessories, performance Good, cost-effective.


Second, the quality affects the price

Quality and cost are complementary. JOSION adopts port components, high-precision temperature control system, PLC control system, man-machine interface control system, and has Chinese and English operation interface, simple operation and high stability. Automatic control of vacuum pump, real-time monitoring of vacuum degree, multi-axis control of indenter, uniform force after stamping, good bonding effect, automatic and manual switching, easy and quick operation. The fit is more efficient, stable, and durable, and always creates the most cost-effective product.