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How to choose a good vacuum laminating machine
Nov 06, 2018

There are a variety of vacuum laminating machines on the market, and customers are always at a loss when they choose. Before choosing to do mobile phone pressing screen, you must first choose a set of practical mobile phone screen bonding equipment. The easy-to-use equipment does not mean that it is expensive, but it is necessary to purchase according to your own needs. So how do you purchase on demand?

  The first thing to look at is production. If the amount is large, the gaze must be placed on a high-efficiency machine. At present, the laminating machine in the market generally satisfies a few screens at the same time, and then depends on whether the machine has a heating function. The vacuum laminating function of the heating function can change the properties of the OCA glue, so that the pressed screen is substantially free of bubbles, or the bubbles are very small, and a small amount of bubbles greatly shortens the time of defoaming, thereby improving the screen speed. If the amount is not large, the price of the machine is considered. It is difficult to return the machine because it is too expensive. Therefore, such customers can look at the semi-automatic OCA press screen. This kind of sticker

There is no difference between the machine performance and the automatic one, that is, there is one less guide rail, and the one-touch fit is not possible, so the price is generally low. Of course, if you have the confidence to become bigger and stronger in the later stage, you can also choose a large amount of laminating machine.

  The laminating machine is the most important equipment in the explosion-proof maintenance equipment. This is chosen, and the others are not difficult. The most important ones are liquid crystal separators, vacuum laminators, and defoamers. These three are omnipotent. The smart phones on the market can be produced, and it is also necessary in the process of making screens. The second is to make apple-specific degumming machine and pressure bracket machine. The pressure bracket machine can also see the size of the apple. It is not necessary because there is a bracket with double-sided tape on the market. The bracket machine will not be used. There is also an OCA laminating machine, which is specially used for attaching OCA glue and polarizer. If the hand can be made with a good film or a small amount, you can not choose this machine.

  Referring to the above information, you can purchase the equipment you need according to your own needs. Can you do the screen well? The equipment is still the second one. The main thing is whether the person who is the screen is familiar with the screen technology. If the technology is not qualified, the machine can't do the screen well, so you need to choose the service while purchasing the good quality vacuum laminating machine.