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How to choose vacuum defoamer?
Dec 15, 2017

As we all know, in the touch screen repair industry, when the screen is attached, bubbles sometimes appear, which affect the quality of product molding. Therefore, vacuum bubbles removal machines are needed to remove these bubbles. Vacuum defoaming machine is an indispensable and important equipment in the touch screen industry. There are many kinds of defoaming machines in the market. Then how do businesses choose vacuum defoaming machines?

1. Quality. The quality of vacuum defoaming machine mainly depends on the materials used in the vacuum chamber. The material with good quality should be 304 stainless steel plate. If the cheap galvanized sheet is used, it is not acid resistant, corrosion resistant, easy to damage, and of poor quality. In addition, the thickness of the material is also very particular, too thin plate is easy to deform.

2. Work. The vacuum deaeration machine is related to the quality of the workmanship is fine, vacuum and pressure holding time is very important. There is also the material outside the machine, the poor quality buy it back. After a few months, the key is out of control, and the outer box is baking, which also reduces the skin. It is not only inefficient, but also beautiful.

3. Safety. The vacuum deaeration machine not only can improve the production efficiency and production quality to meet the national standards, in accordance with the materials can generally be divided into stainless steel and carbon steel defoaming machine defoaming machine, these two types of products are fully taking into account the safety factor. Vacuum deaeration machine made of seamless steel pipe, pressure safety, so do not worry about any security risks.

4, after sale. The choice of vacuum defroster should not only consider the quality of products, but also consider whether the after-sale service is perfect, such as door-to-door installation, guidance and use, troubleshooting, etc., so as to ensure that there is no worry after sale, and there are problems that can be solved in time.