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How to make touch screen fit machine stick air bubble less?
Sep 30, 2018

Now the touch screen of the mobile phone is produced by using the touch screen sticking machine, so how to make the screen after the touch screen bubble less in the use of the touch screen sticking machine? I believe many producers want to know about it. Here are a few tips to share:



1, OCA glue, polaroid and plate material also may be the cause of these problems, the solution is to choose and buy materials we should buy a small part of the test, before the choose and buy of consumables factory or well-known factory to provide the supply of goods, try to choose in the guarantee the pressing yield at the same time, also ensure the colour of the screen.

2. The operation and use of the equipment is also an important reason. If the effect is not good, we can adjust the internal setting of the vacuum bonding machine to extend the vacuum pumping time and the pressure sticking time, so as to achieve a better compression effect.

3. Manual technology is also crucial in this kind of problem. There are a lot of details to be paid attention to in the screen maintenance. Cleaning screen glue, from the middle position outward diffusion, to avoid liquid infiltration backlight; When the screen USES the alignment mold, take it from both sides after the alignment, and try to avoid touching or pressing to the cover plate to avoid poor pressing effect.