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JOSION: What should you pay attention to when repairing the mobile phone screen?
Oct 13, 2018

Nowadays, the application of smart phones has been widely spread among households. Nowadays, most of the elderly and children are also in the hands of everyone. However, the incident of cell phone popping has also occurred from time to time. The vacuum laminating machine is a kind of equipment product that needs to be used when repairing the screen of the mobile phone. There are many aspects that need attention in the operation process. If you pay a little attention, it may affect the quality of the screen of the mobile phone. So what do you need to pay attention to when repairing the screen of a mobile phone with a vacuum laminator? Let JOSION tell you about it today.



Here are some tips for vacuum laminator maintenance phone screens:

1. When the vacuum laminator repairs the screen of the mobile phone, it is necessary to separate the mobile phone cable. When separating, be careful not to scratch the cable.

Second, when placing the screen, pay attention to the cable buttons on the screen or the cable IC, and make sure that the LCD screen must be flat.

Third, in addition to the glue, it is necessary to pay attention to the short time of the cutter head to avoid scratching the screen.

4. In the laminating step, the vacuum laminator needs to have a negative pressure of more than 95%.

5. When aligning, pay attention to avoid pressing by hand. Otherwise, it may cause a lot of air bubbles.