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In the maintenance of the phone need to use the fit device which
Dec 15, 2017

With the increasing demand for mobile phone maintenance, more and more people join in the industry. There are many mechanical equipment used in the maintenance process. Today we introduce the bonding equipment that we need to use in mobile phone maintenance.

1. first of all, there is a dismantling machine. A broken phone screen, the first thing to do in maintenance is to remove the screen, the dismantling machine is designed specifically for this situation. It is mainly responsible for the separation of mobile phone cover board, functional film and liquid crystal module, so as to avoid the difficulties of long time and hard disassembly.

2. the next is the glue removing machine. Rubber removal machine is the name of the equipment is to remove glue. After the work of dismantling the screen is finished, we should use the heating blade of the glue removing machine to remove the glue and wipe it again, so that we can get rid of the glue completely.

3. vacuum bonding machine. After the completion of the first two tasks, the new cell phone screen and cell phone are put into the vacuum chamber of the vacuum attaching machine by the vacuum laminating machine to form a complete touch screen to complete the bonding process.

4. finally need a defoaming machine. Everyone knows how it works from the name of the device. Because in the fitting process, there will be some indispensable bubble problem, then you need to complete the defoaming machine defoamation treatment last work, thus ending the repair process.