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LCD screen repair market situation
Dec 15, 2017

At present, the liquid crystal display that people attend to maintain as an important source of income, more and more people begin to join in the maintenance of LCD, because many people are using LCD.

This means that there is a very high demand for high probability related services, including the need for maintenance plasma and liquid crystal displays.

Life span depends on the internal quality of its liquid crystal lighting components. A half LCD life can be common, for example, 4 hours. The biggest problem is the point pixels of the LCD TV. Sometimes, a pixel especially stops answering or operating, which means that the pixel's transistor is particularly malfunction.

These can be on the screen of black, white, green, red, or blue on the pixels of different colors.

- the pixels are black and white each time, indicating that the pixels are broken.

- a point of red, blue, and green pixels shows that it is not smooth to do any function.