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Method for reducing the number of bubbles and the probability of defoaming after the vacuum laminating machine is pressed
Oct 15, 2018

Nowadays, the repair work of mobile phone screen repair is basically to introduce a vacuum laminating machine to complete the screen repair work. Then the problem is, when using the vacuum laminating machine to work, how can we make the screen bubbles after pressing, and safely and safely remove bubbles when defoaming? Here are a few tips for everyone to share with JOSION:



1. First of all, we must ensure the cleaning work of the residual glue before the fitting. One is to avoid the color of the screen after the pressing, but one is that if the residual glue is not cleaned, it is also the culprit that causes excessive bubbles and defoaming. one.

2, OCA dry glue, polarizer and cover materials are also the cause of such problems, the solution is to buy a small part of the purchase before the purchase of consumables, the purchase of consumables try to choose the original or Well-known factories provide supply, so as to ensure the quality of the screen while ensuring the yield of the press.

3, manual technology is also crucial in such problems, there are many details in the screen repair are worth noting, for example: when the polarizer and OCA film, the direction of the roller should be from the cable position to the screen The film is covered underneath, so that the roller can be prevented from being crushed to the cable; when cleaning the residual glue on the screen, it should be spread out from the middle position to prevent liquid from penetrating into the backlight; when the screen is used with the alignment mold, it should be picked up from both sides after the alignment. Try to avoid touching or pressing on the cover to avoid poor press-fit.

4, the operation of the equipment is also a very important reason, if the effect is slightly poor, we can adjust the vacuum laminator internal settings to extend the vacuuming time and press down bonding time, so as to achieve better compression effect