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Mobile phone screen OCA bonding technology will become mainstream
Oct 07, 2018

With the interview of Apple iphone4, the competition in the smart phone market has intensified, and many mobile phone manufacturers hope to highlight themselves through the differentiation of some product features. For example, Apple's early retina screen, BBK (002251, stock bar) devaluation of the 2K screen and so on. The constant emergence of these new terms has made the market more competitive, and at the same time, many consumers are overwhelmed. Sometimes we have not understood the new technology, and another new technical term has been born. “Full fit screen” can be said to be one of the hot topics of major mobile phone manufacturers in the past year. What features of “full screen fit” technology, and what experience can users bring, I believe everyone also They are very concerned, so let's take a look at the full-fit screen technology.

Let us first understand the structure of the LCD screen. The screen of the mobile phone is divided into three parts, namely the glass cover, the touch screen and the LCD screen. These three parts need to be fitted together. Generally, it requires two fits, one fit between the protective glass and the touch screen, and the other fit between the display screen and the touch screen. According to the way of fitting, it can be divided into two types: full-fit and frame-stick. The frame sticker is also called double-sided tape, that is, the double-sided tape is used to fix the touch screen and the four sides of the display screen. This is also the bonding method adopted by most displays at present, which has the advantages of simple process and low cost, but because of the display There is a space layer between the screen and the touch screen, and it is easy to get into the gray in addition to the display effect. The full-fit technology, OCA optical glue, completely closes the glass cover and the LCD screen in a seamless manner. Compared to the frame, it can provide a better display. Another benefit of the full-fit technology is that the screen is no longer worried about getting into the gray. The LCD screen is also lighter and thinner than traditional screens because of its tight adhesion to the glass cover.


Although the screen full-fit technology is good, it also encounters a big problem. It is the cost of screen after-sales repair, if the screen breaks, the mobile phone repair points still lack the necessary screen maintenance equipment, such as vacuum laminating machine, screen-removing machine, defoaming machine, and other professional equipment, the broken screen needs to be returned to the factory. Repair, increase unnecessary costs.

In the past few years, mobile phone screen repair equipment was mostly very expensive and bulky. With the popularization of the full laminating machine technology, many manufacturers have also seen business opportunities. Some of the automation equipment manufacturers represented by Shenzhen Prospect Technology Co., Ltd. are screen repair equipment, especially for vacuum laminating machines for fitting screens. Make large-scale technical improvements. From the original 300KG to less than 30KG per unit, the price has dropped to less than 10,000 yuan per unit, quickly popularizing the maintenance market. Now many mobile phone repair shops in second- and third-tier cities are equipped with special screen repair equipment, and the cost of screen repairs is also very low. The screen repair of iphone4 is less than 100 yuan.