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OCA detailed explanation OCA lamination machine full lamination screen advantages
Jan 07, 2019

In intelligent information age, with a touch-screen electronic equipment becomes an important and indispensable part in daily life, especially the smart phones almost everyone is in use, and the touch screen as the appearance of the mobile phone, its importance is self-evident, high requirement of joint effect of touch screen, now like apple, samsung, millet, huawei and other well-known brand mobile phone like all joint screen technology, more OCA vacuum laminating machine is adopted to fit the screen. Many users are not familiar with the full screen technology and advantages of OCA vacuum laminating machine. JOSION is a well-known laminating machine brand manufacturer in shenzhen. The following is the detailed explanation for you.

First of all, from the structure of the screen, the screen can be roughly divided into three parts, from top to bottom are protective glass, touch screen and display screen. These three parts need to be laminated. Generally speaking, it needs to be laminated twice, once between the protective glass and the touch screen, and the other time between the display screen and the touch screen. According to the way of laminating can be divided into two kinds: full laminating and frame laminating.

Screen structure

Simple box paste way, to secure around the screen and display with double-sided adhesive, which is at present most of the display screen is adopted by the joint mode, its advantage lies in the simple process and low cost, but because the display screen and the touch screen, there is air layer between the light refraction cause show effect after discounted as box posted the biggest drawback.

The full lamination of OCA vacuum laminating machine is to completely stick the panel and the touch screen together in a seamless way with water glue or optical glue. Absolute vacuum pressure, equipped with single-chip microcomputer dual core digital controller, helping keep the machine in the appropriate temperature, use the laminating technology, make the cover plate, function, liquid crystal display surface, through the OCA glue hot-pressing fit together perfectly, so as to maximize the guarantee of the LCD panel and display line double safety, to eliminate air bubbles. Compared with frame stickers, it can provide better display effect, with the following advantages:

1. Full-fit technology eliminates the air between the screen, which helps reduce the reflection between the display panel and the glass, improves the brightness, makes the screen look more transparent and enhances the display effect of the screen. Phones such as apple's and xiaomi's are now fitted with all-in-one technology.

2. The air layer of the common laminating method is easily polluted by dust and water vapor in the environment, which will affect the use of the machine. However, the fully laminated OCA adhesive fills the gap, and the display panel is closely fitted with the touch screen, effectively insulating the screen from dust and water vapor and maintaining the cleanliness of the screen.

3. The adoption of full-fit technology can not only make the touch module closely integrate with the panel to enhance the intensity, but also effectively reduce the interference caused by the noise of the display panel to the touch signal, so as to improve the sense of smooth touch operation.

4, full laminated screen with thinner body, touch screen and display with optical glue, only increase the thickness of 25 m-50 m; The thinner module thickness provides greater flexibility for the structural design of the whole machine and is more popular among consumers.

5. The assembly of the full laminating module and the whole machine can be fixed by the way of clip or lock screw directly, which reduces the assembly problems caused by the laminating deviation and simplifies the assembly process to reduce the assembly cost.

Shenzhen JOSION is a professional touch screen fitting equipment manufacturer, specializing in the r & d and production of capacitive touch screen G+G,G+F,G+P,OGS and other complete sets of equipment, with advanced production and processing equipment and strong r & d design and production team, is the pioneer of capacitive touch screen fitting equipment, with advanced touch screen fitting technology. JOSIONOCA vacuum lamination machine has the advantages of high efficiency, convenient alignment, high yield, high precision and stable operation, etc., which can overcome the disadvantages such as bubbles, wrinkles, halo rings and water ripples generated in manual lamination. Simple operation and setting up, quick operation, convenient for technicians to maintain equipment and staff to operate and use equipment.

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