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oca vacuum laminator and flap laminating machine What is the difference?
Dec 15, 2017

The touch screen in daily use, inevitably because of carelessness in mobile phone screen, if you go to change a mobile phone is not cost-effective, as a screen, which makes the mobile phone explosion screen repair business is also growing, which is a kind of mobile phone explosion laminating machine equipment required for screen repair in the. So now the competition with industry is becoming increasingly fierce, if not to seize the market as soon as possible, behind such profits are only to let him repair, so he opened a "fit" of the industry boom.

The two is a completely different product:

OCA vacuum laminating machine is mainly used for G+G hard to hard (two G respectively for the cover glass and functional glass, because it is hard, so they will fit together to fit the vacuum).

Double plate laminating machine (soft to hard) referred to as "G+F machine" designed specifically for touch screen in the production process, soft film on hard and soft film on film.