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Phone explosion screen repair knowledge
Dec 15, 2017

With the development of technology, mobile phones can be said to have been recognized and used by all people, but even if you use a good cell phone, you may be careless. When the phone is repaired, it needs to be used.

1, repair broken screen

The mobile phone detonating screen is broken out of the touchscreen glass panel just outside, and the display screen and touch screen can still run normally, as long as a glass panel is changed. But now many mobile phone screen and the screen is connected, mobile phone screen mobile phone screen separator can separate the special, professional equipment maintenance general small mobile phone shop to do, recommend to the more formal and a little repair shop to repair. Maybe a lot of people think that the small maintenance shop costs low, in fact, this is a wrong understanding, as long as the complete maintenance of the maintenance shop costs will be low. Because smaller maintenance stores do not have professional maintenance equipment, they generally suggest that you change the screen for a long time.

2, with the broken maintenance

If your mobile phone has not displayed, cannot touch the flash screen, black screen etc. these situations, it shows that the mobile phone screen is bad, even if I could be good, can answer the phone, but it is undeniable that your mobile phone screen has appeared very serious problem. If we go to the repair shop or after sale at this time, we may not feel the price in terms of acceptance. But the technical staff of Shenzhen manufacturers will Hisense laminating machine will advise you to buy a screen you go back and change, now there are many online video video according to disassemble process, operation difficulty is not great.