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Points to pay attention to when iPhone X repair screen
Nov 06, 2018

As a mobile phone released in 2017, although the iPhone X has many maintenance problems in the past year, for example, the biggest problem is the screen repair, the screen repair mainly uses the vacuum laminating machine, then the screen repair What is the problem? Let's take a look at the following:

First of all, from the construction of the screen, iPhone X uses the OLED screen, which is the flexible screen we said. The biggest difference between this and the previous iphoneLCD screen is the change of the screen material. The maintenance of the LCD screen is not used to the changes of the screen material. So this is an aspect. Of course, the bracket behind the screen, the screen uses OLED material, and the bracket is also behind the screen, so it is also possible to break the screen when the bracket is removed, so today, I need to pay attention to the iPhone X repair screen:

First of all, when disassembling the bracket, we can use the machine for the iPhone X to remove the bracket, or use the heating to assist the removal. The above two methods are all possible. In the process of disassembling the bracket, we must pay attention to the screen cable. Position, because this screen uses OLED material, so you need to pay attention to the strength and technique of the disassembly when disassembling the bracket. This position is easy to break the screen without paying attention, so you should pay attention to the strength when disassembling the bracket.

After the bracket is removed, it can be separated. There is no difference between the separation and the ordinary separation. Before the separation, it is necessary to clean the glue remaining on the glass to prevent the residual glue from obstructing the incoming wire when the steel wire enters the line. Split into the touch layer, the wire is best to use 0.05mm steel wire, separation should pay attention to two steps: the incoming line and the cable, many of the separation in the incoming line is good, but the final separation is easy to hurt the touch.

After separation, the above glue is cleaned. This is the same as other iphone screen glue. The same is true for OCA glue. It is necessary to pay attention to the fit.

The screen is a flexible screen, and there are cables and ICs at the back of the screen. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the IC when making the bonding. Therefore, when bonding, use a grooved mat and use a grooved mat so that it is used. When the vacuum laminator is attached, the screen will not be damaged because the IC behind the screen is pressed to the screen.