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Screen automatic defoaming machine
Oct 29, 2018

LCD automatic defoaming machine adopts heating tube heating and manual opening and automatic locking. It is mainly used in the production line of liquid crystal module. After the process between polarizer and LCD glass, ITO film and glass, the polarizer is corrected with bubbles. When the device is removed from the memory cells in the liquid crystal panel.


There are many kinds of LCD automatic defoaming machines: such as defoaming machine, automatic defoaming machine, LCD defoaming machine, LCD defoaming machine, LCD screen automatic defoaming machine, LCD screen automatic defoaming machine, LCD screen automatic small Bubble machine, LCD screen automatic defoaming machine

The defoaming machine is classified into the whole stainless steel defoaming machine and the carbon steel defoaming machine according to the manufacturing materials of the machine. Customers are advised to choose a stainless steel defoamer. For the sake of this, it is important to ensure that the pressure tank is all stainless steel and has a certificate.

Defoaming machine pressure system

a. Inflating system: consisting of air filter, solenoid valve, pressure switch, etc.;

b. deflation system: solenoid valve, manual ball valve, muffler, valve, etc.

Heating, temperature control system

PID adjustment control by temperature controller, heater, thermocouple, etc.

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