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Shenzhen JOSION focuses on the research and development and production of touch screen fitting equipment
Jan 07, 2019

With the rapid development of science and technology, all kinds of electronic products have gradually become necessary for people's life and work. Nowadays, most of these electronic products adopt touch control operation, which is inseparable from the touch screen fitting equipment. However, there are many manufacturers of touch screen lamination equipment in the market. Many manufacturers cannot produce large touch screen lamination equipment due to high technical requirements, which makes many businesses in need of large lamination equipment do not know what to look for. Shenzhen huaklida as a professional manufacturer of capacitive touch screen equipment, focusing on the research and development and production of large touch screen lamination equipment, we not only provide touch screen lamination equipment, but also provide bonding machine, dual station pulse local press.

JOSION touch screen laminating machine

JOSION's touch screen mounter is a high-end automatic device with automatic alignment design. It is developed for the laminating process of various Touch panel, Touch, Lens and other optical components, so as to fundamentally eliminate the bubbles and anti-gravity vacuum unit generated during laminating and prevent the film from functional defects such as stretch, indentation and Newton ring in the laminating process. The touch screen laminating machine is widely used in the adhesion process of capacitive touch screen CG and ITO. JOSION touch screen automatic laminating machine has the following advantages:

1. High degree of automation. The equipment is controlled by PLC or single chip microcomputer.

2, simple operation, easy to adjust positioning, color large screen man-machine interface setting parameters, easy to understand the operation. All parameters can be set on the touch screen and displayed on the touch screen.

3. Fast speed and high production efficiency. Fast fitting speed can improve the level of production technology, product output and quality has been improved, and can effectively save costs, to maximize profits.

4, the use of imported temperature control heating system, and is used for laminating the upper die heating. The screen fits perfectly, almost eliminating bubbles.

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