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Shenzhen JOSION share the operation skill of vacuum laminating machine
Jan 07, 2019

As an important equipment in the screen-blasting maintenance industry, many mobile phone repair shops will buy the vacuum laminator. However, many users in the industry are not skilled enough in the operation of the vacuum laminator and fail to master the operation skills. As a result, some problems often occur in the screen posted. The operation of vacuum laminator is the most critical step in the maintenance of explosion screen. Although there are many brands and styles of vacuum laminator in the market, the overall structure and operation are similar. JOSION, the manufacturer of vacuum laminator, will share the operation skills of vacuum laminator for friends.


1. OCA dry plastic mulch must ensure perfect.

Dry plastic mulch must be bubble-free, or no dead bubble, even if there is manual plastic mulch bubble, also have to be the kind of release bubble removal function can be removed from the bubble, otherwise only rework.

2. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the cover plate.

Some mobile phone repair factory found, sometimes has a perfect processing out of the screen, the problem may be related to cover board cleanliness of the purity of the, so remember to check the good when joint cover plate and the screen on the OCA had some impurities such as dust, there is one white electric oil can be used to wipe the, white electric oil has quick volatilization, not easy marks and corrosive small, etc.

3. Counterpoint operation.

After the cover plate is placed on the counter mold, gently click the middle of the cover plate, and then put it into the laminating machine for laminating. After laminating, it will be put into the defoaming machine for laminating. (be careful not to expose in the air for too long after the alignment is done, otherwise it will affect the fitting effect.)

4. Selection of oca adhesive.

The formation of dead foam and return foam is also closely related to OCA adhesive, so choosing a good OCA adhesive is also a key.

Vacuum laminating machine operation skills is very necessary, but they say the choice is greater than the effort, so choose a good vacuum laminating machine equipment is Paramount, shenzhen JOSION vacuum laminating machine equipment of independent research and development design, is simple to operate, beautiful appearance, joint less air bubbles, the characteristics of stable quality, favored by domestic and foreign customers welcome, products in short supply.