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Surface laminating machine application features
Dec 15, 2017

With the development of science and technology, the update of mobile phone is very fast. From the traditional plane right angle screen to the popular surface screen, it has been developing continuously. For the touch screen production and maintenance industry, a flat bonding machine can not meet the requirements, but also needs to use a curved surface fitting machine. Many users don't know much about the surface fitting machine

The surface fitting machine has the following application features:

1, using PLC control, dual position rotating platform operation, stable operation, simple operation.

2, using CCD automatic photo positioning, high precision, good stability, high quality.

3. The high power vacuum pump is used, the vacuum degree is high, the speed is fast, and the quality and efficiency are ensured.

4, the structure of the equipment is compact, small and light, and the cost of input is low.

5, the equipment is fitted with no bubbles, no prints, no wrinkles, and the effect is good.

6. According to the situation, the equipment can set up the parameters such as running speed, preheating temperature, vacuum degree, pressure holding time and so on.

7. The equipment has a safety protection grating, a threshold switch and a two hand start button, and the multilevel protection ensures the safety of the person.

The application features of the surface fitting machine are introduced here today. Huake Lida surface laminating machine has the advantages of high efficiency, convenient alignment, the product yield is high, the automatic laminating process for OCA glue and glass or PET, Samsung mobile phone, apple mobile phone, tablet computer and other electronic products of the touch screen and flat diaphragm automatic bonding, planar and curved surface are common, has a wide range of applications.