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The material of the laminating machine is not uniform, how to solve it?
Nov 13, 2018

The material of the laminating machine is not uniform, how to solve it? If the equipment is unqualified, or the equipment or mechanical failure causes it, the engineer will find out the reason "equipment", but it is not necessarily that the equipment is unqualified, but more This may be caused by improper operation of the equipment or inadequate maintenance of the equipment.

First of all, before we analyze the reasons, we understand the basic actions of the composite. For the compounding of materials, whether it is a single layer or a double layer composite, we basically use a laminating machine. The working principle of the laminating machine is to use a driving shaft to drive the composite shaft, and each composite seat is composited by a composite shaft roller for pressing up and down pressure. Between the composite shafts, we are limited by the overfeed limit block. However, due to the influence of the two axes of the front and rear driven shafts, there is a composite tension between the composite shaft seats, which is restrained by the suction frame of the feed frame before the material enters. At the same time, when the retracting shaft is discharged, there is a tension constraint in the middle.



In summary, in the compounding process of materials, the mechanical factors affecting the compounding of materials are:

1. Discharge tension of the discharge shaft

2, the front and rear fit tension between the fit seats

3. Composite tension between the upper and lower rollers of the fitting seat

4, the suction of the suction fan

At the same time, the feeding frame, the over-feeding rod, the limit block, the pulling block and the like also play an auxiliary role in the compounding of the strip.