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The name of the phone screen defoamer.
Oct 29, 2018

Mobile phone screen semi-automatic defoaming machine, also known as pressure defoaming machine, pressure defoaming machine, polarizer defoaming machine. The mobile phone screen semi-automatic defoamer is a special equipment specially designed for the production of liquid crystal polarizers, polarizers and touch screens. The wafer can effectively remove the polarizer and LCD glass, ITO film and glass by increasing the pressure inside the tank and increasing the temperature. And the bubble attached between the polarizing film of the touch screen and the protective film ensures the product quality of the liquid crystal film. The mobile phone screen semi-automatic defoaming machine is fully automatic control. The PLC programmable controller can set the working pressure, working temperature and working time according to different specifications of the wafer products to achieve the effect of effectively removing bubbles and defoaming.

The defoaming machine is a mixing device that stirs the basic material and discharges the air bubbles. It is mainly used in light-emitting diodes (LEDs), touch screens (TP), medical devices, electronic components, nano-powder materials, fine chemical materials, and printed electronics. Mixing and stirring of materials such as materials, electronic packaging materials and new energy materials, such as phosphors, silica gel, silver paste, aluminum paste, adhesives, inks, silver nanoparticles, silver nanowires, etc. LED/OLED/SMD/COB conductive silver glue, insulating glue, RFID printed conductive ink and anisotropic conductive adhesive ACP, conductive paste for thin film solar cells, conductive ink for PCB/FPC, cosmetics, etc.


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