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The OCA vacuum fully fits the advantages of the screen
Sep 30, 2018

At present, many mobile phones are more and more in favor of full-fit screen, and all adopt full-fit screen technology. Full bonding means that the panel is completely glued together with the touch screen in a seamless manner by OCA or hydrogel. Compared to the previous frame paste, can provide better display effect. The difference in the image can be clearly seen when it is fully attached to the image reflected from the screen compared to the box sticker. This is the mainstream development trend of high-end smart phones and tablet computer panels. Full fit has the following advantages:


1. Better display effect. Full-fit technology eliminates air between screens, greatly reducing light reflection, reducing light loss through the screen to increase brightness and enhance the screen display effect.

2. Reduce noise interference. The close combination of the touch screen and the display panel can not only improve the intensity, but also fully fit to effectively reduce the interference caused by noise on the touch signal and improve the sense of smooth touch operation.

The screen insulates dust and moisture. The air layer with common bonding mode is easy to be polluted by dust and water vapor in the environment, which affects the use of the machine. The fully OCA adhesive fills the space, and the display panel is closely glued to the touch screen. There is no place for dust and water vapor to enter, which keeps the screen clean.

Simplify assembly. The assembly of the full fit module and the whole machine can be fixed directly by means of buckles or locking screws, which can reduce the assembly problems caused by fitting deviation and simplify the assembly process to reduce the assembly cost. The full-fit module does not need to consider dust proof moisture, so the border does not need to consider the fit width, which can achieve a narrower border. At the same time, considering the double-sided bonding strength, it is also helpful for the narrow border design, and the border can be even narrower.