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Use the vacuum laminator's parameter details
Nov 06, 2018

Nowadays, vacuum laminating machines are becoming more and more mature, and there are fewer and fewer problems in the use of machines. The screen is not as troublesome as before. The current development is controlled by the original machine and biased by the current man-made technology. More important, let's take a closer look at the tips you need to pay attention to when using a vacuum laminator:

  First of all, it is of course the machine parameter setting of the vacuum laminating machine. Generally, the pressure of the pressing force, the time of pressing down, and the speed of pressing down are required. Taking the prospective machine as an example, the general pressure is set to 0.2 mpa, the pressing time is between 10 s and 20 s, and the speed of the lower die is suitably good.

  Secondly, when placing the cover, it is necessary to pay attention to not attaching the cover and liquid crystal too much by hand. Excessive adhesion will result in poor fitting effect. It is recommended to click it gently.

  Finally, the placement of the LCD screen before the vacuum laminator is attached; for most of the current LCD screens. The placement of the screen is also tricky. The placement of the screen cable also affects the yield of the screen. Especially when the screen cable is very long and the cable IC (button) is under the LCD screen, you need to pay special attention. One is to pull out the cable so that the cable IC (button) is not pressed under the LCD screen. The other is to open a small hole in the cushion under the vacuum laminating machine to prevent the IC (button) from pressing under the liquid crystal. In general, just flatten the bottom of the LCD screen.

  While using a vacuum laminator, attention to detail is the key.