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Vacuum laminating machine manufacturers teach you how to successfully press the screen iphone5
Oct 15, 2018

Method and steps:

1. Paste the transparent glue, the upper separator or the bracket machine.

2, through heating, and other border glue melt, and then take the box, take the frame carefully, because there are many examples of the frame to break the screen.

3. When the frame is taken down, it can be separated. When separating, pay attention to the cable. When separating, it is most likely to break the cable.

4, the separation can be successful on the machine to try to see if the screen is damaged, and then use the board test.

5. Then test whether the touch and image of the screen are normal.

6, touch no problem, the next shovel polarized, Apple since the iphone5 generation after the polarized light is on the top of the touch and display, so when separating the glass mirror is particularly easy to scratch the light, so decisively replace, so as not to delay the time.

7, the polarized light is best to scrape one by one, such a large screen, a whole scrape down is a bit unrealistic. In addition to polarized light, a degumming machine or a soldering iron can be used.

8. Be careful when arranging the last one!

9. After the polarized light is scraped off, it is the gelatin. After the gelatin is finished, try it on the machine. When there is no polarized light, it is like this on the machine; then determine the front and back of the polarized light; then the glass cover is affixed with dry glue, then Put it in the vacuum laminating machine and press the screen. If there are bubbles, you have to put it in the defoamer for about 10 minutes!

10, in addition to the completion of the bubble is the need to press the bracket, pressure iphone5 temperature 150 degrees, iphone6 temperature 180 degrees.



The debonder is dropped onto the screen with a dropper, and the degumming agent is dripped into the backlight to avoid increasing the cost!