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Vacuum laminating machine teaches you to cleverly remove stubborn small bubbles
Oct 08, 2018

The appearance of vacuum laminating machine has brought the most direct preferential cost to the majority of mobile phone users. In the whole mobile phone explosion-screen repair industry, the vacuum laminating machine is the most important process in the process of making dry glue repair and explosion screen, but other Links can not be ignored, such as the mobile phone screen dry glue repair process involved in the separation of the LCD screen should pay attention to pay attention to the separation to the position of the cable should pay attention to, please pay attention to the details of the cover plate! But when you are defoaming, you should also pay attention to the details. Although the defoaming is a very, very simple process, many of them do not notice that the bubbles can not be removed. For example, the time adjustment is too short. Do friends who are familiar with the screen repair process of mobile phones have difficulty in removing bubbles when they are doing screens? It is what we call stubborn small bubbles. How did you solve this problem?

    I don't know if you are directly involved in the screen and re-do it when you encounter this situation? How to deal with it, here to teach you a little trick, then when you encounter stubborn small bubbles, put it on the bubble, then clip it with a clip, then throw it into the defoamer for defoaming . Then small bubbles will be easily and easily removed. Then the effect of the vacuum laminating machine will be better.