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Vacuum laminating machine: the second spring of the screen repair industry
Oct 15, 2018

The competition in the mobile phone screen repair industry has become increasingly fierce in recent years, which has also led to a series of downturns in the electronics industry. Here is the latest good news from Shenzhen JOSION Technology Co., Ltd., a new round of touch industry focus: car screen and flat screen LCD screen!

Due to the high yield and high usage rate of OCA dry glue, the new on-board display and flat-panel LCD have also begun to use OCA dry glue. According to the information: At the new CES Global Electronics Show, it is no longer just the traditional electronics manufacturers that once again shine, this unexpected car company has begun to enter, simple, beautiful and huge car LCD and touch consoles attract the attention of countless people. This is the result of re-closing and the number of cars used today, which contains great business opportunities.

The LCD screen used by Apple in the latest Ipad air2 tablet released in October last year has also been changed to fit the LCD screen. As one of the best brand companies in the mobile phone industry, Apple is looking at the leopard. It shows that the trend of tablet PCs in the future will follow its pace and once again usher in the era of fully fitting the screen.