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Vacuum laminating machine to analyze the touch screen mobile phone screen repair skills
Oct 15, 2018

Vacuum laminating machine merchants have found more and more touch screen mobile phones. Because the touch screen is easy to damage, the touch screen for repairing mobile phones has become a big problem. This article introduces some methods of how to repair the touch screen mobile phone touch screen. 


The premise is that the screen must be the same size. The handwriting screen has four lines, in which the upper and lower lines have voltage, and there is no voltage left and right. When you change, connect the upper and lower wires to the 2.5 volt foot on the pad, and the left and right wires are soldered to the unvoltaged foot. Adjust the welding, if you press 2 to 0, you will change the upper and lower lines. If you press 1 to 3, the left and right lines will be exchanged.

My experience talks with you---touch screen four lines. I don't have to measure what X+X_Y+Y_ I divide it into. T-type and go to the full-screen three-quarter line of the two to pay Group.... When replacing, the screen size is the same but the line is not the same. First, compare the T-line and three-quarters of the original screen to the original screen and connect it to the original screen. The position of the two lines goes to the screen pin. The other two are not interchangeable. OK is fast and accurate. If the replacement is also the screen, don't solder it immediately. Then find the T-line with the screen and go full screen. Three-quarters of the wires are soldered in the same way as the other two.

How the touch screen works:

1. From simple to difficult, the road first measures the four pins of the touch screen. There are two sets of resistors. When the touch screen is pressed by hand, the resistance will change. If there is no resistance value or the resistance value will not change, the touch screen will be bad.

2. Check whether the control IC (the actual circuit board is a quad-shaped IC) has power supply. If not, check the power supply. Measure whether there is a reference voltage and chip select signal and A/D input. All are normal, then the CPU and software are left.

3. Retest the resistance of the four pins of the motherboard to ground, and whether there is power supply for the X+ and Y+ pins. If there is no resistance, the cable may be disconnected. If there is no voltage, the IC may be damaged or the resistor or capacitor of the adjacent resistor may be leaked. Short circuit.