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What are the benefits of using a laser splitter to remove the middle frame?
Nov 16, 2018

Strictly speaking, in the field of lasers, there is no such thing as a "laser screen splitter". Only the screen repair practitioners will use the laser marking machine in the field of laser marking to modify the screen frame or the glass back cover of the mobile phone. , used to knock off the glue in the frame in the screen, separating the middle frame from the screen. The laser screen splitter also partially replaces the previously used heating separator, ultra-low temperature screen refrigerator and other separation equipment, and for the comparison with the first two machines, the laser screen splitter also has its unique use effect.

 Laser screen splitter

 First, use the laser screen splitter to remove the screen middle frame or battery back cover, do not worry about the problem of screen backlight water ingress, use the low temperature screen refrigerator to remove the box, if the screen assembly protection is in place, there will be different levels of water . This phenomenon does not occur with the laser splitter, because the principle of laser splitting is to use laser to penetrate the glass surface and melt the glue under the glass cover.


 Second, the screen is removed with a laser screen splitter, and the yield is relatively high. Because the laser splitter removes the frame, it is not a physical contact. As long as our drawings are accurate enough not to damage the LCD screen IC and cable, it will not damage the screen assembly.


 Third, the laser split screen split screen, will not use consumables, the cost of screen splitting is low. The general power of the laser splitter is about 20W. This power is equivalent to the power of a small energy-saving bulb. Compared with the heating separator and the low-temperature screen refrigerator, the power consumption is almost negligible.


 Fourth, the laser maintenance of the screen splitter is relatively low. Although the price of buying a laser screen-removing machine is not cheap, the structure of the laser screen-removing machine is relatively simple, and it will hardly cause damage to the machine as long as it is not damaged or improperly used in transit.


 The above are some of the advantages of the laser screen splitter. Of course, everything has two sides, both good and bad. Laser screen splitting machine also has shortcomings, such as high price. For small-scale screen users, the cost is still relatively high, and then the glass cover cannot be removed. To remove the glass cover, hot and hot points must be used. Users can buy their own screen-removing equipment according to their actual situation.