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What are the daily tasks of maintaining a good laminating machine?
Jan 07, 2019

I do not know in the usual use of laminator machine, is it possible to check all parts and switches is not completely normal, in the use of often do protection and maintenance work, laminator in order to improve the product quality, let the equipment in the operation, every day and night but never let the equipment get satisfied rest? In fact, equipment and people after work tired to get plenty of rest, and good operating conditions. That's the main thing.


The machine gets a good rest after a period of time. When O laminating machine in operation for a period of time, the demand to stop laminating machine, rest for a period of time, to work, can improve the working power. If the company is to progress only, produce power, but the protective equipment of oversight, make long operation can affect the use of the machine.

Although the use life of the machine is long, but if do not use equipment, also can shorten the use life of equipment. Therefore, general repairs are necessary. When repairing equipment, the need to simply scrub the appearance of equipment, equipment remaining information is clean. Add lubricating oil in OCA vacuum fitting machine position, add lubricating oil in time, also need to replace the lubricating oil of equipment timing.

The true use of life extension laminating machine, you need to get the rest of the satisfaction and meet the protection of the equipment. Satisfied rest can effectively prevent the operation of tired equipment, reduce the wear and tear of equipment. Satisfactory protection enables the equipment to adhere to a perfect condition, simple and smooth operation in production. Do the above. Believe that the life of your laminating machine will accompany you longer!