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What are the types of oca laminating machines?
Oct 07, 2018

There are many types of oca laminating machines on the market. Customers often waste a lot of valuable time in order to choose a suitable oca laminating machine. This article focuses on how customers choose a suitable laminating machine and each Analysis of the pros and cons of a kind of laminating machine.

The oca laminating machine is roughly divided into an all-in-one machine and a split machine according to functions;



One machine is also called: "five-in-one laminating machine" "fitted defoaming machine", see Figure 1, using a built-in vacuum pump, built-in air compressor, built-in defoamer to integrate four functions of the machine in one Inside the machine. The design difficulty of the all-in-one machine is much more than that of the sub-machine. It needs a strong manufacturer to do it well. The advantages of the all-in-one machine are also obvious, the operation is convenient, the space is small, and it is convenient for transportation.And the latest one-piece machine with human-computer interface is simpler and completely foolish. With the development of the all-in-one machine, its performance is constantly improving, but the disadvantages are not without. For example, the inner air tube may be softened due to excessive temperature during operation. The super-strength heat-proof air pipe used by the JOSION factory at this point has greatly improved the service life of the JOSION brand.

Splitter :As the name implies, it is a single laminating machine. The earliest and oldest machine on the market, when it was first listed, won a large number of supporters and produced a great market influence. Now, many customers prefer to choose a split machine that is not willing to choose a more advanced one machine is an embodiment, because the word-of-mouth and influence of the split machine has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The advantage of the splitter is that the performance is stable. After all, it has been tested by the market for so many years. Disadvantages are that when working, it needs to be equipped with a vacuum pump, air compressor, noise, large space, inconvenient transportation, complicated operation and long time consumption.


The above analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the all-in-one and the splitter, I believe that many practitioners will not be so confused when choosing the machine, but some practitioners will ask: the current machine needs to be posted regardless of the machine or the split machine. After the combination, take it out and put it in the bubble removal tank. Is there a machine that can be directly attached to the defoaming step? Of course, the research and development capabilities of the JOSION factory are among the best in the industry. The newly developed 2-in-1 automatic laminating machine [Fig. 2] combines the advantages of the integrated machine and the splitter in one step. More time saving and convenient operation, it can be said that it is a new artifact in the maintenance industry.