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What is a vacuum laminator
Oct 08, 2018

As an emerging industry, the fitting industry has gradually been accepted and familiar. Nowadays, the competition in the industry is fierce, but because the fitting is also one of the mobile phone repair equipment, if the market is not seized as soon as possible, the maintenance profit of the latter can only be He handed it over, so he opened the "fit for the industry" boom. The following is a vacuum laminating machine for everyone to analyze. The vacuum laminating machine has the advantages of high efficiency, convenient alignment and high product yield.



While the vacuum laminator improves the labor intensity, it also gets rid of excessive dependence on personnel proficiency. The vacuum laminating machine is equipped with multi-directional fine-tuning device, which is suitable for products with different shapes. It can also be used for fitting irregular shapes such as arcs and diamonds with special jigs. The vacuum laminating machine rubber roller can be heated to suit various bonding conditions.

Main features of vacuum laminating machine: stable work, no vibration, laminating rubber roller can be heated, OCA laminating machine adapts to more fitting conditions, fits flat, less air bubbles, no wrinkles, flexible processing size. The vacuum laminating machine adopts PLC control, which is reliable in operation and simple in operation. The LCD platform is driven by precision slide rail to ensure positional accuracy. The LCD platform is driven by precision slide rail to ensure position accuracy.

Vacuum laminator performance:

1. The vacuum laminating machine has the ability to dissipate static electricity to prevent the pollution caused by electrostatic vacuuming.

2. The work area is cleaned and treated to avoid the cause of dust.

3. vacuum seal fit, so that the fit screen is not easy to move, and the bubble is small, approaching no.