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Which brand of Shenzhen laminating machine is doing well?
Oct 09, 2018

The brand of Shenzhen laminating machine is a good brand. Since its establishment in 2009, it has maintained a surprising growth rate for the industry. JOSION Technology has become a model brand of innovative enterprises in Shenzhen.

In the field of laminating machinery technology, it specifically refers to a laminating machine for bonding two-layer substrates. It is achieved by the following technical solution: the laminating machine includes a substrate unwinding device for placing a substrate, a gluing device, a second substrate unwinding device for placing the second substrate, and Preheating conveying heating and pressing bonding device, the preheating conveying heating and pressing bonding device comprises a motor, a heating large wheel driven by a motor, and a pressing wheel, wherein a drying heating conveying is formed on a circumferential surface of the heating large wheel And a pressure bonding zone, wherein the pressure roller is located at the periphery of the pressure bonding zone; the substrate placed on the substrate unwinding device passes through the glue coating device to enter the drying and heating conveyance on the circumferential surface of the heating wheel The zone is passed between the pressure roller and the heating wheel under the heating of the large wheel. The utility model has the advantages of environmental protection and energy conservation, and the whole process is compact, and has the advantage of saving space.

The laminating machine varies with the design of each machine manufacturer. However, the components on the machine include: coating, drying, hot pressing, cooling, etc.

The JOSION technology OCA vacuum laminating machine has the following four characteristics:

1. Fit and level:

Less air bubbles, no wrinkles, effectively overcome the shortcomings of bubbles, wrinkles, halo rings, water marks, etc. generated during artificial bonding.

2, processing size:

The thickness of the substrate can be controlled within a range of 0.1 to 10 mm, which is flexible and easy to adjust.

3. PLC control:

It adopts PLC control and can move under the command of the central PLC, with reliable operation and simple operation.

4, accurate precision:

The LCD platform is driven by precision slide rails to achieve precise alignment, ensure positional accuracy and ensure product fit.