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Which vacuum laminating machine fits well?
Oct 11, 2018

What kind of tool materials do we need in mobile phone screen repair? How to operate? The expertise of JOSION Technology is here to give you a simple explanation:

Mobile phone screen repair tools / raw materials

Touch screen separator machine glue machine vacuum defoaming machine oca laminating machine air compressor dust-free workbench This is the most basic tool, glass cover medium frame housing oca optical adhesive polarizer wire except glue for the need for explosion screen repair Basic consumables

Mobile phone screen repair method / steps

In one step, we use a separator, which functions to separate the glass cover from the liquid crystal on the LCD screen. The method of use is to turn on the power of the separator, and when the temperature rises to the set value, the liquid crystal panel is placed on the heating plate, fixed by vacuum adsorption, and then separated by a steel wire.

In the second step, the de-gluing machine is used, and its function is to remove the glue remaining on the liquid crystal screen after separation. The method of use is to find the power switch and wait for the temperature to rise to a certain set value, then place the separated liquid crystal on the heating plate. Then press the side with the blade installed on it, pay attention to the strength, do not hurt the LCD screen, and then push the heating plate inside. This will remove the glue. But it is not clean enough, we need to use a glue to make a second scrub. Achieve complete elimination.

The third step is to use a laminating machine, which is used to stick oca glue or polarizer. How to use: Place the LCD screen inside the mold of the laminator, then align the oca glue or the polarizer. Then use the push panel above the film surface to push to the LCD screen, the speed must be uniform, in order to achieve a certain effect.

In the fourth step, a laminating machine is used, which functions to fit the bonding process of the oca glue and the glass cover. How to use: First, turn on the power switch, then position the LCD screen and cover on the outside with a water mold, then take it out on the heating plate. Then press the start and build of the left and right sides of the machine, and then the machine automatically performs the fitting process, which takes only 10 seconds to fit perfectly.

In the fifth step, the defoaming machine is used, and its function is to remove the vacuum bubbles on the liquid crystal screen after the laminating machine is attached. How to use: Open the defoamer and put the LCD screen inside. Then close the sliding door so that you can press the start button and you can complete the defoaming in a few minutes. Of course, if you have this machine intelligent five-in-one laminating machine, as long as one is enough.

The laminating machine, defoaming machine, de-gluing machine, dust-free worktable and other equipment required for the above-mentioned mobile phone explosion screen maintenance process are produced and sold in our casting new technology, which can provide the most comprehensive quality for the majority of mobile phone repair shop merchants. product service!