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Write it down! OCA optical gel defoaming three major elements
Oct 29, 2018

The OCA optical adhesive in the middle of the LCM and TP bonding will retain a certain degree of air quality, so the OCA optical adhesive must be defoamed with a defoaming machine. The three major elements of OCA optical gel defoaming are: temperature, pressure, and time.


1. Temperature: Increase the viscosity of the glue, accelerate the fluidity of the glue, and increase the degree of moisture.

2. Pressure: Accelerate the flow of glue, apply pressure to remove air bubbles, and increase moisture.

3. Time: The glue continues to flow, catalyzing the dissolution phenomenon to remove bubbles.

OCA optical adhesive

One: TP and LCM individual surfaces are not completely flat, no tolerances, plus the difference in ink on the TP, so at the edge of the ink, the residual film at the edge of the TP VA area is inevitable; in addition, in the G+G full fit It also produces a small amount of bubbles.

Two: three major elements of defoaming, temperature, pressure, time. Mainly to increase the fluidity and moisture of OCA glue and generate appropriate extrusion pressure, catalyze air dissolution phenomenon to remove air quality, air quality will not be eliminated or disappeared, only spread to OCA optical adhesive surface and incorporate OCA optics In the glue.

Three: suitable defoaming temperature, pressure, time, to avoid the edge of the glue to absorb too much air.

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